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Guild Wars 2 Photoset - Kanikaa & Friends

9/19/2014 - The Day I Got WORLD Completion! \o/

That had to have been the happiest day of my life! Woo! Thanks to Tarnished Coast being blue this week, I was finally able to finish the WvW maps I needed!

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"What…? Is there something on my face?"

"What…? Is there something on my face?"

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 Book of Circus: Episode 9 
Grell, watching Sebastian porn (✪㉨✪)

You want to know what sucks?

When you’ve gone years, practically a decade without ever needing to go to the hospital once and yet suddenly you get this strange sore throat that causes you the inability to swallow food or drinks or even speak much. I thought I was just getting a regular cold (and it may just be a cold but the only symptom I get is a sore throat this time), but my throat has been hurting since Monday and the only time it doesn’t hurt is when I’m completely silent or asleep.

My Mother and I have tried looking at the back of my throat to see if there was anything alerting. All we saw was like, in my opinion, something that would look as though I have a breakout INSIDE my mouth. It wasn’t white spots, patches, splotches or anything like that, so it didn’t seem like something so serious.

Unfortunately, my Mom told me if my sore throat isn’t gone or it gets worse by the weekend, she may have to make an appointment for me to see a doctor. Are you kidding me? The ONLY kind of sickness I’ve ever had were colds. I used to be sick a lot when I was younger so my immune system is pretty strong, still can’t handle common colds, but still! A possible appointment to see a doctor because of a sore throat? I hate this! I have no insurance yet so this would cost my Mom some money. @_@

I seriously hope this is just a stupid cold that my only symptom is a sore throat because this is seriously ridiculous. I do not want to go to a hospital because of a damn sore throat!

Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus Opening - Enamel
Love Stage!! Opening

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Time Traveller Boyfriend / mashed

this is hilarious and i would totally play this if it was real. XD